A Special Message from The HR Edge, Inc.:

Due to extremely busy schedules, Margaret Morford, Kayla Barrett, and The HR Edge will present their much-in-demand seminars for business professionals only once in 2012.  These seminars will be held at the Hotel Indigo in downtown Nashville, Tennessee on February 8th and 9th, 2012.

The two seminars on February 9th are for all business professionals.  The special session on February 8th will be exclusively for HR professions.

Don’t miss your only chance in 2012 to attend these Margaret Morford and The HR Edge seminars:


Seminars for All Professionals

THURSDAY, February 9, 2012 – - MORNING SESSION

What Eagles Dare - The Critical Difference Between Managing and Leading

As the labor pool shrinks, prospective employees are becoming more selective about the people for whom they will work.  Are your leadership skills powerfully attracting top talent?  Are you the type of manager employees stick with—through thick and thin?  Let Margaret Morford—author of the acclaimed book Management Courage: Having the Heart of a Lion—show you exactly what distinguishes a true leader from an ordinary manager.  Discover the 8 powerful, must-have skills that dramatically boost your ability to lead.  In just half a day, you’ll revolutionize your thinking about leadership and the best way to hire and manage in the future.

  • $799 per person for both seminars (see special pricing and discounts information below)
  • 3.25 hours of HRCI strategic credit granted 


The Hidden Language of Business - Workplace Politics, Power & Influence

To maximize your professional effectiveness, you must do more than work hard—or even “work smart.”  You must master office politics.  Now—in this breakthrough session based on Margaret Morford’s popular book The Hidden Language of Business—you’ll discover the secrets of forging career-boosting alliances and avoiding counter-productive animosities.  Discover the rules of “positive politics” you are most likely to violate—and exactly how to turn that around. In just half a day, you’ll learn the powerful secrets of being smart about your conduct, powering-up your business communication, and enhancing your relationships with co-workers and your supervisor.

Session Bonus: Discover 11 ways to recognize who really holds power and influence in any organization—and exactly how to tap into that power.

  • $799 per person for both seminars (see special pricing and discounts information below)
  • 3.25 hours of HRCI general credit granted


Seminar for HR Professionals Only

WEDNESDAY, February 8, 2012

HR Means Business - How to Write a Human Resources Strategic Plan

Now—in just one information-packed day—you can learn exactly how to create an HR Business Plan that powerfully supports your organization’s larger strategic initiatives … even 10 years into the future.  Your comprehensive HR Business Plan plays a crucial role in achieving your organization’s overall strategic objectives.  It is tangible proof that HR absolutely understands, is fully aligned with, and actively participates in moving your organization forward.  So discover—directly from Margaret Morford herself—precisely how to write your plan.  Learn step-by-step what to include in your plan—and how to craft it in a way that dramatically increases senior management’s respect for HR’s business ideas and mindset.

By attending this acclaimed seminar, you will:

Learn exactly what should be included in your Human Resources Strategic Plan:

Discover how to draft a Human Resources Strategic Plan that will knock their socks off—and leave them in awe of HR’s business and futuristic mindset;

Receive templates and check lists that will guide you in drafting a Human Resources Strategic Plan for your organization;

Discover how to work around the fact that your organization may not be willing to share its strategic business plan with HR, may not have a very detailed strategic business plan, or may have no strategic business plan from which to build your Human Resources Strategic Plan;

Take home the latest trend information to be incorporated in your organization’s Human Resources Strategic Plan.

  • $799 per person (see special pricing and discounts information below)
  • 6.50 hours of HRCI strategic credit granted

Special Pricing and Discount Information:

You will receive a significant discount rate of $699 per day if you attend both the February 8th and February 9th seminars.  And if your organization sends two or more individuals, each individual will receive a special rate of $699 per day.

Registration Information:

Because Margaret Morford’s seminars are so popular, we anticipate many phone calls about these February 8th and 9th in-person events.  Please be aware that the number of attendees is strictly limited and that seats will be awarded on a first-registered basis.

Please don’t delay.  Register today.


For further information or to register, please call Kayla Barrett at (615) 424-4766 or e-mail her at kbarrett@thehredge.net.


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