Professional Development Training Services

The HR Edge offers training that is both practical and interactive. Attendees learn by doing, not by lecture. Sessions are usually limited to a maximum of 25 people in order to ensure that everyone participates and can ask questions about specific work situations. Organizations may select one course to be taught to several groups or may choose two courses and provide an entire day of training for a select group of individuals. Courses also can be customized according to the needs of the organization.


What Eagles Dare – The Critical Difference Between Managing and Leading
Management Courage – Having the Heart of a Lion
Courage at Work – Having the Heart of a Lion (Non- Managers)
When I Was Your Age – Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce
The Hidden Language of Business – Workplace Politics, Power, and Influence
Workplace Trends – Survival Tactics for the Next Decade
Once Upon a Time – Using Story Telling to Inspire Teamwork and Build Positive Culture
At Least We Can Agree on the Beatles – Managing Workforce Y
Phat, Dude and Face Time – Teaching Gen Y to Fit Into Your Organization
Bull in a China Shop – You Might be a Bad Boss if…
Developing Direct Reports – Helping Ordinary People Achieve Extraordinary Results
Diverse Work Styles – Working With Those Other “Strange” Types
Interviewing – How to Avoid Hiring Lizzie Borden
Corrective Action – Counseling vs. Discipline
Effective Performance Appraisals – How to Avoid the Mr. Potato Head Management System
Developing Performance Criteria – Measuring the Unmeasurable
Workplace Legal Issues – Starving the Lawyers
Teamwork – Beyond the Draft Pick
Sexual Harassment Training in Spanish – Adios to Lawsuits
Gringo Management – Working with Spanish-Speaking Employees
Problem Solving and Decision-Making – What Do I Do Now?
Change Management – Flexibility Yoga Style
Stress Management – I Can’t Take It Any More!
Time Management – Helping the Scarlet O’Hara’s in your Organization
Motivation – You Can’t Make Me!
Delegation – Tom Sawyer at his Best
Perfect Presentations – Never Let Them See You Sweat
Creative Business Thinking for Success – When Pigs Fly
Customer Service – From the Inside Out
Communication in the Workplace – Why Can’t You Hear Me?
Advanced Communication – Hearing Silence in the Workplace
Workplace Violence – Signs of Troubled Times
Core Writing Skills – How to Write Right
Effective Business Communication – Mean What You Say
Pushing Through the Wall of Conflict
Adding Panes to the Glass Ceiling
Succession Planning – The Key to Building Tomorrow’s Workforce
Extreme Team Makeover – Leading the Virtual Team
Stop Passing the Buck! Using Accountability that Creates Results



To schedule any of the facilitators with The HR Edge for a training session or to book Margaret Morford to speak in for your organization, please call (615) 371-8200.

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